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My Story

Len Burnett

     I played football at all levels including the NFL. I suffered broken bones, torn ligaments and sprains during my playing days which resulted in 3 knee operations and countless hours of therapy. By age 60, arthritis had set in and I pained all over from my ankles to my shoulders. I tried leading over-the-counter drugs and creams to stop my pain, but nothing worked. Some of the pills made me queasy and the creams had me smelling like a liniment factory. I resigned myself to that fact that I would just have to live with pain for the rest of my life.
     However, after over 20 years of searching for a pain reliver that worked and with no side effects; I met Dr. Charlie Rouse who introduced me to Pain-No- More. It seemed like overnight, I had positive results. And now I have become a spokesman for Hurt-No-More. I want the millions of people who live in pain to Hurt-No-More like me.

The Story Behind

86 Your Pain

     I wore jerseys with different numbers during my high school, college and NFL days. My 3 sons were not born when I played. However, they enjoyed seeing pictures of me in my football uniforms. Todd, my middle son said that he just loved the picture of me wearing number 86 in my Pittsburgh Steelers uniform.
     I researched the number 86 and found that it once was a code used in restaurants. If a menu item was not selling, the manager would say, “Let’s 86 or nix that item.”
     Another report said the it may have originated from a Chicago train line for which the last stop was stop 86 or the end of the line. At the end of the line, stop 86, the conductor would have to eject drunk passengers, who had fallen asleep. He would 86 them. 86 means to nix or get rid of something. Out of this meaning comes, 86 your Pain.

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Len Burnett
Pittsburgh Steelers, 1961

The Story behind

Dr. Charlie Rouse Natural Medicines

“...herb is for the service of man…” psalm 104;14

     Dr. Charlie Rouse, a registered pharmacist, owned and operated a drug store for years. And became concerned when he saw his customer buying drug after drug to relieve pain or to correct
some kind of ailment. His concern was that many of the drugs had harmful side-effects. He sold his drug store and started developing herbal medicine using all natural ingredients and with no side-effects. His efforts resulted in him developing highly acclaimed natural products to relieve pain, lower blood pressure, boost energy and much more. His products are nutritional and have no side-effects
     Dr. Rouse has a degree in pharmacy from the University of Georgia and a doctor of natural medicine degree from Arkansas College of Natural Health. His education and experience as a pharmacist have given him special insight into both traditional medications and natural medicine.
     Dr. Rouse, who is also a Baptist minister, bases his expertise in natural medicine on the Word of God. Psalm 104:14 states that:
     “He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth;”

Welcome to the world of Dr. Rouse and natural medicine!

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