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Hurt No More

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The alternative to the over-the-counter pain medications such
as ibuprofen (that degenerates the cartilage in the joints) or acetaminophen
(that is hard on one’s liver). Pain & inflammation are major reasons people
with the local pharmacy for some sort of relief. Whether it’s headaches + joint
discomfort + backaches + burning in the legs & feet + neck & shoulder
discomfort, a good all-natural anti-inflammatory & anti-pain nutritional is a
better choice. Actually, better-than-good choice! Hurt-No-More is gentle on the
stomach and may be taken with or without food. When pain appears, put the
inflammation down naturally. The power of the extracts from celery & garlic & horsetail & stinging nettle are well researched and proven to be safe &

60 Capsules $28.99

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