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Prostate Support

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By the time a man has reached the age of 20, his prostate
is beginning to show signs of inflammation and enlargement. The meats we
eat and the water we drink all come with an array of hormone-inducing side-
effects such as prostate inflammation. Prostate Support was designed by
pharmacist and product-formulator, Dr. Charlie Rouse, to address the root
cause issues and to promote healthy prostate & urinary tract function. By
increasing the urinary flow and reducing the night time urination urges, most
men find immediate relief. To help diminish pain or burning in the prostate
area is also a huge benefit. A better bladder and a better prostate gland is a
sure thing to make any man happier, especially as he advances on up in age.
Prostate Support is all natural and totally safe. Dr. Rouse used decades of
clinical research to get the formulation into circulation. Saw Palmetto extract +
Pumpkin seed extract + Nettle root extract + Pygeum bark extract + zinc
picolinate + vitamin D3 + lycopene (tomato extract) + prostate glandular.

60 Capsules $28.99

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