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The ultimate in energy for men. There is no doubt that when the testosterone hormone in men began a downward cycle (often as early as age 20), the body becomes more prone to fatigue and a lack of vitality. Male Sexual Enhancer is designed by Dr. Rouse the formulator to provide a plethora of Nutritional supports that give the male body better energy and stamina. One of the major mechanisms of action in this natural product is the ability of the herbs to free up bound testosterone, thus making the man’s testosterone more active. With stamina and energy also comes better sexual performance and an increase libido (sex drive). Epimedium grandiflorum extract + Mauria puama extract + forskolin extract + avena sativa extract + nettle root extract + ginkgo biloba extract + beta-sitosterol extract + anemarrhena extract.

60 Capsules $28.99

Male Sexual Enhancement

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